Maps are very important for us to navigate through the paths, find places, observe hurdles, and to discover new areas. Nowadays, we can find digital maps available on our phones and other electronic devices. The maps were created by cartographers had a different texture and were done based on the places they have visited or the things that they have noticed or observed. There might be some misinterpretations also to the traditional paper maps.

Later as more and more cartographers and people visited some other places, the map started changing. Thus it became more and more accurate. Landscape features such as plains, plateaus, mountains along with rivers, country, and state borders dividing the place. The initial was made using the different shades of the same color, and thus it created a lot of confusion in terms of understanding and locating the borders. Later development occurred and the maps developed in the modern-day digital maps.

Are our digital maps better than paper-based maps?

As we have seen that along with advantages, there are disadvantages of paper-based maps. Thus digital maps were developed. Digital maps were released to fill the empty spaces left by the traditional maps. Modern-day maps are created by processing satellite images of the earth and capturing its features and exact location.

Advantages of modern maps include

  • They have very precise and accurate details about a feature, and the location is exact.
  • They are made by using different colors for different features.
  • You can even confirm the location you want to go to because the images are also available, and you can see the place by clicking on the particular area.
  • They even provide the exact traffic information and suggest the best route for the same location. The time required to reach the location by different modes of transport is calculated and displayed.

It tracks your location and along which direction you are moving. Thus making you aware if anyone dropping you is taking the wrong turn or going elsewhere than your desired location. You can search for a place you want to go to and highlight the road, making it easier for you to navigate.

Moreover, there are more features available for these maps. But, the only thing that is disadvantageous is that it cannot be used in an offline mode because it interrupts the signal to the phone.

Interesting maps for everyone

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