Now that you know a little more about what Customer Experience is and its importance, here are some trends for the area so that, if you want to pursue a career in this field, you can be better updated about the biggest highlights for this year for the future.

Artificial Intelligence

With the more excellent adhesion of the population to the virtual service channels during the pandemic, a significant Customer Experience trend is to bet on artificial intelligence.  It is possible to satisfactorily, quickly, and personalized service to various customers or potential customers through chatbots.

In addition, artificial intelligence ensures that consumers can receive suggestions for products and solutions based on their behavior on the sales platform, considering that this technological resource can capture this information automatically.

Augmented Reality

One more trend that will contribute a lot to a better customer experience is the technological feature of augmented reality.

Due to the success that e-commerce had during the pandemic, this technology is in the sights of several companies. One is Nike, which has invested in augmented reality to enable its customers to try on their shoes even from a distance.

For this, the consumer selects the desired item in the online store and points the smartphone camera at his feet, and that’s it. It is possible to visualize the chosen pair of sneakers on the feet without even putting them on!


Currently, customers find at their disposal in the market several products and services that meet their needs. Thus, investing only in the quality of products and services is not enough to guarantee customer satisfaction and a good experience. In this sense, it is necessary to invest in infrastructure, both physical and digital.

Nowadays, consumers want to share with others the experiences they have when visiting an establishment. This could intensify even more with the end of the pandemic, considering that the population is eager to return to a normal and attend environment as before.

In addition, given the more excellent adhesion of consumers to e-commerce, it is essential to invest in the virtual infrastructure of digital sales platforms like catapult revenue since a site that takes time to load and does not have a user-friendly interface will certainly not contribute to a good experience for the customer.

Team Reorganization

With the pandemic, the population acquired new consumption habits, which will certainly remain even after isolation.

Thus, it will be necessary to reorganize the service team in companies to offer the necessary qualification for these professionals to meet the new expectations of consumers, both now and later.

Among the skills that the team must develop to offer a better consumer experience for the customer, we can highlight the production of relevant content and the ability to provide proper support to customers through digital channels.