Within the healthcare industry, there are many ideas and concepts which may be difficult to grasp. These concepts are particularly important to explain to those outside of the healthcare profession. However, even seasoned healthcare professionals can struggle with new innovations which are constantly being introduced to the industry every day.

This is where healthcare explainer video becomes a great tool for communicating. Explainer videos from experts focus on the areas of Education, Awareness & Revenue, three aspects that are vital to success in the healthcare industry. The videos have been utilized by healthcare brands to introduce new services to customers, onboard new employees, and to simplify complicated ideas to various audiences.

Take a look at these ways healthcare brands have used animated explainer videos to raise their brand above the competition.

Describe Products & Benefits

Healthcare explainer video gives you the perfect opportunity to toot your own horn and give viewers an idea of how you can make a difference in their quality of life. That’s exactly what EQ Holdings was able to do in this video about their Crystal Star line of supplements.

Introduce Your Platform

Patient payment technology has changed quite a bit in a very short time. As we see in this video, the HealthPay24 platform encourages and improves patient self-pay. Healthcare explainer video experts helped them tell their story.

Identify a Solution

Planning for our long-term care as we get older is complicated, especially considering rising healthcare costs. A unique membership plan from Fellowship Freedom offers a solution, as you’ll see here in this healthcare explainer video by experts.

Communicate to Patients & Providers

United Medical Credit helps people find financing for a variety of healthcare procedures. Their lending network is a resource for both patients and healthcare providers. They called on healthcare explainer video experts to produce an engaging animated explainer video to outline the details.

Showcase Your Tech

New technology from Harmonize improves patient experience, clarifies data and improves efficiency. They just needed an impactful explainer video to show how they do it, and specialists delivered.

Healthcare explainer video can improve how your healthcare brand is currently communicating with your various audiences. Experts have decades of experience crafting videos for every facet of the healthcare industry.

When you only have a few moments to capture a customer’s attention, getting your message across means everything. Don’t leave that valuable task to words. A well-designed explainer video can clearly get your message across in a matter of seconds. Plus, it does it all in an entertaining and captivating way. The best explainer videos can transform a complicated message into a simple-to-understand story in less than 90 seconds.

Any process that needs to be explained or shared can be done with an animated video. These videos have both captive visuals and a professional voice-over narration. Add in some amazing sound effects and the right background music, it’s the perfect recipe to share your story.

Most companies start with a brief animated overview explainer video that gives customers the big picture. This video can be used on your website, social media, and other high-visibility areas. That’s just the start of what you can do.

If you’ve got a complicated solution or process to share, it often takes a lot of time to explain it. If you find yourself repeating the same answers over and over during a sales presentation, it might be time to talk with one of our animated explainer video producers. With a well-produced video, new can take that sales message or product demo and create a visually stunning animation. Plus, walking customers through your product with a story will help it stick in their minds longer.


A healthcare explainer video is useful just about anywhere. It’s been proven with data that having a short-animated video on your website can increase the time visitors’ eyes are on the page.

In fact, studies have shown an increase of more than 80% in conversions when you incorporate animation into your landing pages. When you need that “ah-ha!” moment that grabs the visitor and helps them really understand your offer, an animated video does that heavy lifting for you. Involving healthcare explainer video helps in healthcare sector.