Nobody knows how many brands exist in the market. There are millions and zillions of brands that go unnoticed because of several reasons. One crucial reason is the lack of marketing. Even the top-notch brands that are well established in the market spend huge amounts on marketing. They still cannot afford to compromise on that part of the business.

Brand voice

A brand voice includes everything that the customer gets to know about the company. How do you recognize a brand? By its logo, that’s the basis of brand voice. Besides the logo, tagline, slogan, jingles, etc. are also included in the brand voice.

You can name a jingle that is repeatedly played in the television commercial even now. That’s the impact a brand’s voice has on its audience. You need to be very careful regarding  consistent brand voice because the customer will not show interest if the logo is bizarre.

There are three types of brand voice that one can consider. Visual includes a logo that has to be designed colourfully and attractively. Jingles, slogans, taglines form the verbal voice of the brand. The third type is the vision that your brand has. This is included in the logo designing and verbal lyrics.

Tips to consistent brand voice-

Here are a few things that you need to remember regarding the brand voice. Let’s know more about it-

  • Keep modifying the logo and do not change it completely. The previous one has made its place in the customers’ minds, and complete change can be harmful.
  • Decide the visual and verbal brand voice as per the target audience.
  • Keep the verbal medium crispy and addictive. You can repeat the same words over and over again.
  • The logo needs to be designed in a way that symbolically speaks about the company.

You might have seen top companies modifying their logos here and there a bit without changing it completely.