Most companies, including ones that have necessary budgets, are willing to outsource their digital marketing needs to professional agencies. It makes sense, not just to save costs, but also to avail the expertise of an agency that has been around for years. If you are looking for a digital agency Dublin and want to collaborate with them for your brand, here’s what you need to know.

  • Find a local service. While outsourcing SEO and online marketing to an offshore agency is always an option, we would recommend that you go for a local firm that’s based in Dublin. This has two advantages. Firstly, they know the local market, so their marketing plan will be based on real statistics and understanding of demographics. Secondly, you can have access and support whenever you want.
  • Ask about the marketing mix. Digital marketing is not just about ads on search engines, and you cannot do with SEO alone either. You need a marketing mix that’s tailored for your brand, keeping audience and the best channels in market. Your target customers define the strategy, but in general, digital marketing mix should contain SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and search engine marketing. Check if they can help with reputation management, as well.
  • Get an estimate. In general, you will pay the company every month for the period of the contract. Don’t try and get into a long-term contract right away, but don’t expect miracles in a month either. A wise idea is to give time of about six months and get an estimate. Don’t go for the cheapest quote, but look for expertise and experience, which is our next point.

  • Check their work. If a marketing agency Dublin claims to be the best in business, they must have enough clients and should be able to offer references. Experience is not measured merely on the number of clients they own, but is more about number of clients they have retained. Check for case studies, if available, and call a few of their existing clients.
  • Be realistic. As we mentioned earlier, marketing doesn’t mean you can expect to be on the top of Google’s organic search in a month. It is more about taking one step at a time and using a bunch of channels and strategies.

Check online now to find more agencies in Dublin and insist on a personal meeting to discuss things further.